The LP: Literature in Practice

The LP: Literature in Practice is an UnboundEd podcast series that examines texts and practices that encourage student instruction to become more grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful.

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Brandon White
Brandon White
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Episode 5: Varun Arora

We are in an era where excitement, fear, promise, and paranoia about the capabilities of artificial intelligence are a part of everyday conversation in our society as we are steadily integrating AI into essential elements of our lives. What does this mean for how we teach, learn, and do school? Will the inequities that exist in analog instruction continue to improve or worsen as digital technologies for teaching and learning evolve? Varun Arora invites us to explore opportunities to guide AI development in a manner that enhances teacher ownership of equitable instruction, instead of replacing or negating it, in his book "Artificial Intelligence in Schools: A Guide for Teachers, Administrators, and Technology Leaders."

Episode 4: Dr. Pamela Seda

To many, the numbers, procedures, and concepts covered in the average mathematics course are completely neutral and require no cultural considerations. But if you ask somebody like Dr. Pamela Seda, she would say that that conclusion just doesn't add up. Dr. Seda takes some time to discuss her book Choosing to See: A Framework For Equity in the Math Classroom, and we cover the best practice, worst myths, and the urgent need to deepen mathematical strengths through leveraging assets that students already have.

Episode 3: Zachary Wright

The beliefs, practices, and policies common in the United States school system are cultivating inequities in classrooms across the country. Activist, professor, and author Zachary Wright has thoughts about how to recognize, repudiate, and reverse these inequities. He shares these insights as we discuss his book "Dismantling a Broken System: Actions to Bridge the Opportunity, Equity, and Justice Gap in American Education." 

Episode 2: Jarvis R. Givens

For too long, receiving an education in the United States has been a dangerous and revolutionary act for African Americans. Becoming authentically literate in the written word, history, math and the sciences was a literal and psychological escape to freedom. Exploring who led these efforts, how they led these efforts, and what we can apply from them today is important and undervalued work that can change how we do education. This is the work of author Jarvis Givens who joins me to discuss his book, “Fugitive Pedagogy, Carter G. Woodson and the Art of BlackTeaching." 

Episode 1: Lorena Escoto Germán

What happens when classroom instruction is focused on building academic skills, while at the same time, teaching social justice? What's to gain when students are exposed to teaching that is student-driven and community-centered, but is also flexible, connected to other subjects, and deeply interactive? That's the work of author Lorena Escoto Germán who joins this episode to discuss her book Texture Teaching: A Framework for Culturally Sustaining Practices.   

The LP: Literature in Practice - Ep. 0

UnboundEd continues the GLEAM™-ification of the nation with a brand NEW podcast series, The LP: Literature in Practice. Join the host, our very own Brandon White, as he interviews the authors of today's thought-provoking educational literature. Here's a sneak peek! Episode 1 launches October 26, available wherever you get your favorite podcasts.