Our People

We are a team of former classroom teachers, school leaders, curriculum writers, and education experts.

Our vision and core values drive us to new heights in service of our partners and school systems across the country. We provide immersive instructional equity professional development, free high-quality standards-aligned resources for the classroom, and other professional learning opportunities for teachers, coaches, and leaders. We thrive in working collaboratively and work to dismantle inequitable structures within our own organization and within education systems.

UnboundEd Staff smiling and posing outside

Our Core Values

Our values reflect how we strive to show up for each other and the people we serve.


We are committed to disrupting patterns of implicit bias, privilege, and racism in ourselves, our organization, and in the education field to contribute to equitable outcomes for all students.


We demand excellence of ourselves, our work, our partners, and each other by challenging our mindsets and actions, embracing discomfort that stretches our thinking, and by examining our intentions and impact, all in service of making our collective organization better for the educators we serve.

Learning Orientation

We maintain a working environment where it is important to take risks, confess what you don’t know, pursue answers, and constantly learn and grow; we take ownership for our learning and display a drive to bring our team and partners along on the learning journey.

Educator Centered Design

We value the insights of the educators we serve, and endeavor to thoughtfully reflect their social contexts and needs in our research-based products and services. We seek to create the conditions for educators to influence their systems, and ultimately their student’s outcomes.


We honor each others’ personal and professional lives by encouraging each other to establish parameters that nurture the equilibrium between our work-life balance. We take personal responsibility to draw our own boundaries, proactively communicate, and seek solutions with our colleagues to take care of our bodies, minds, and each other so we show up as our best selves to this important work.

Authentic Engagement

We demonstrate mutual respect and humility and communicate clearly and transparently, understanding the impact of our power and privilege. When something doesn’t feel right, we proactively discuss it and seek to understand and resolve it. We respect all voices and perspectives, and actively seek to be inclusive, lifting up the voices of those who may be unheard.

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