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We are accepting applications for schools and districts to participate in Cohort 5 to start in the 2022-23 school year. 

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Our Cohort Program trains leadership teams to become change agents for equity-focused instructional practices at every level of the school system.

At UnboundEd, we believe that sustained and scaled change is possible through the development and aligned actions of educators throughout an organization. Our Cohort Program for schools and districts consists of the System Leaders Academy™ (SLA) and the Equity Influencer Residency™ (EIR) which work in tandem to build cohesive alignment and systemic capacity in a school system. This year-long learning experience is for leaders within the central office and the school building and focuses on creating a culture where students, especially students of color, experience equitable ELA and mathematics instruction daily.

What to Expect in the Cohort Program


Participants will experience 40 hours of learning with the goal of developing, implementing, and then assessing strategies for change. Participants will explore the historical roots and legacies that impact present-day inequity for the purpose of identifying and articulating their duty to disrupt systemic bias and racism in their given role. The Cohort Program empowers participants to act more intentionally toward equitable and anti-racist practices that strengthen learning conditions for faculty, staff, and students.

Cohort is:
  • A collaborative space for a district/network team to work on a problem of practice related to equitable instructional practice
  • An interactive, year-long experience that includes virtual sessions, small group coaching, and webinar-style fireside chats around common challenges
Cohort is not: 
  • An individual learning experience
  • A “sit and get” professional development space

System Leaders Academy™

The System Leaders Academy™ (SLA) develops leaders at the highest levels of a district to implement systems that scale equitable instruction.

Who Should Participate?

For sitting, highly qualified instructional leaders with authority to implement significant changes in system-level district policies and structures. Example roles:

  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Executive-level district leaders
  • Directors

Participants Can Expect to

  • Define a vision and develop a plan that disrupts and replaces inequitable policies, practices, and procedures within a school system
  • Build stakeholder teams with exposure to tools, protocols, and change management principles that support in naming and solving problems of instructional practice
  • Deepen your understanding of equitable policies, practices, and procedures and how to identify and realign inequitable policies and procedures to support those practices

Equity Influencer Residency™

The Equity Influencer Residency™ (EIR) focuses on leaders who directly build capacity in teachers to successfully implement equitable instructional practices.

Who Should Participate?

For educators who can impact the quality of curriculum and instruction across multiple classrooms and/or schools. Example roles:

  • Principals or Assistant Principals
  • Instructional coaches
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Teacher leaders or department chairs

Participants Can Expect to

  • Build content knowledge, standards-based instructional expertise, fluency in the coaching and professional development practices to support content-based, equitable instruction 
  • Develop a plan to improve equitable instruction within your circle of influence
  • Deepen understanding of how historical inequities manifest in current-day practices and set next steps for learning about and disrupting these inequities in your school(s)
  • Gain access to tools and protocols that support on-going, job-embedded teacher development systems

Cohort districts can have an UnboundEd team conduct a Learning Walk, a four-day process that includes: 

  • Professional learning anchored in a GLEAM™ rubric 
  • Observation of ELA and math classrooms in 2-4 schools using the GLEAM™ rubric to collect data
  • Student work analysis protocol
  • Action planning rooted in learning walk data
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This program is not just professional development, it is a lifestyle change.

District Leader
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Ever since I've been with UnboundEd, I have become such a learner...I do everything differently now because I realized it's about involving everyone, every stakeholder, in making change. The learning has been incredible."

District Leader
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The cohort year has provided ample learning space and tools to drive our high-leverage actions forward.

School Leader


The UnboundEd Cohort Program over the years includes nearly 400 participants from California, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington.

All students deserve consistent access to learning that is grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful instruction.