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The Standards Institute™ is an immersive and transformative in-person learning experience appropriate for teachers, coaches, and leaders.

This highly interactive experience focuses on the mindsets, planning, and instructional actions required for implementing grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful (GLEAM™) instruction.

What to Expect from the Standards Institute™

During the experience, participants will explore the impacts of racist and biased instruction on students of color. They will identify specific mindsets and practices that embody GLEAM™ instruction for their chosen pathway. Throughout the sessions, participants will reflect on and commit to specific action steps aligned with GLEAM instruction in their chosen pathway. Participants leave Standards Institute with a personalized action plan that identifies context-specific opportunities to ensure students receive GLEAM instruction. 

Participants at the UnboundEd Standards Institute

How We Organize the Learning

Pathways are designed by content and grade band applicable to teachers, coaches, or leaders:

The Elementary Reading Academy gives educators fundamental knowledge of standards-aligned and evidence-based reading practices rooted in the Science of Reading. At the end of the Elementary Reading Academy, educators will be able to:

  • Deliver standards-aligned and evidence-based reading instruction
  • Articulate the research on reading instruction and link research to practice
  • Employ high-leverage instructional routines

The Leadership for Literacy pathway provides participants with transformative instructional practices to develop a foundational understanding of the Science of Reading and create a literacy system to accelerate student literacy. Through CORE's Leadership for Literacy course, educators (leaders) will:

  • Develop a foundational working knowledge of the Science of Reading and how it can be implemented in a system through transformative instructional leadership
  • Utilize tools and processes to evaluate school-wide literacy programs
  • Identify leadership actions that build school-wide professional capacity to remove barriers and increase opportunities for students to become successful readers and communicators

During Standards Institute ELA sessions, participants learn and practice crafting supports and scaffolds that help address students’ unfinished ELA instruction while maintaining the rigor and demands of the standards and curriculum. Participants explore the commitment, knowledge, and skills necessary to use ELA standards, texts, and tasks to provide all students access to GLEAM™ instruction. They leave with a personal action plan for bringing GLEAM instruction to life in their ELA classrooms.

During Standards Institute Leadership sessions, participants learn key concepts of ELA and math instruction in order to develop a deeper understanding of each subject area. Participants will consider key components of planning, instructional delivery, and coaching that lead to GLEAM™ instruction. They also unpack their roles as leaders in educational equity and operationalizing GLEAM within a school system. Participants will leave Standards Institute with a personal action plan to lead GLEAM instruction in their schools.

During Standards Institute Math sessions, participants learn through an interactive, hands-on experience that focuses on planning and implementing GLEAM™ mathematics instruction. Participants reflect on math identity and its impact on GLEAM math instruction. They deepen their understanding of the Mathematical Shifts to support GLEAM math instruction. Participants also  learn a new approach to address students' unfinished instruction that supports GLEAM math instruction within their school contexts. Participants leave Standards Institute with a personal action plan for bringing GLEAM instruction to life in their math classrooms.

During Standards Institute Science sessions, participants learn and practice the principles and key practices of science instruction that embodies the Next Generation Science Standards and a vision of GLEAM™ instruction for all students. These hands-on sessions involve a balance of exploring new ideas and seeing how they work through lessons and investigations across scientific domains. Participants leave Standards Institute with a repertoire of practical strategies and a personal action plan for bringing GLEAM instruction to life in their science classrooms.

Note: The science pathway is available for grades 6-8 and 9-12.

During Standards Institute UnboundEd Planning Process™ (UPP) sessions, participants learn a set of powerful practices for bringing each aspect of GLEAM™ instruction to life in ELA and math classrooms. For each practice, participants explore what it is,  learn a step-by-step recipe for using the strategy with any lesson, and apply it to a set of high-quality lessons. They leave with a repertoire of well-rehearsed strategies they can implement on Monday morning and a personal action plan for bringing GLEAM instruction to life in their classrooms.

Note: K-5 participants will use both ELA and math lessons during the week; participants in grades 6-12 will use lessons in their preferred subject area — either ELA or math.

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I’ve learned to keep the standard and task rigorous; however, allow the students as a group to scaffold how they may approach the task as opposed to the teacher breaking down all of the little pieces and giving students the road map.

Master Teacher
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I learned so much from the Standards Institute. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of the standards myself, I also learned ways to support and coach teachers on ways to ensure effective instruction based on the standards.

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The presentation on the last day of Standards Institute on the inequity in schools was eye-opening. I am now focused on my reactions to students and parents. I ask myself, 'is my treatment fair and equitable to every student? Am I showing bias?'

Instructional Dean

July 2023 Keynote Speakers

Lacey Robinson
President and Chief Executive Officer, UnboundEd
Dr. Lisa Delpit
Dr. Lisa Delpit
Educationalist, Author, Eminent Scholar and Executive Director of the Center for Urban Educational Excellence, Florida International University
Dr. Wayne Au
Dr. Wayne Au
Interim Dean and Professor in the School of Educational Studies at the University of Washington Bothell
Dr. Manny Scott
Dr. Manny Scott
Scholar, Speaker, Author, Founder of Ink International, Inc., and Original Freedom Writer
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