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Math Leader Collaborative

Unleash your true potential as a math instructional leader.

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The new Math Leader Collaborative is designed to accelerate your identity as a math instructional leader.

The Math Leader Collaborative (MLC) is a new semester-long virtual program designed specifically for K-8 school teams that will redefine the way you approach leading and supporting mathematics in your building. As a participant, you will learn to optimize your instructional leadership to provide grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful math instruction for all students. Whether you're already comfortable with math or feel uncertain, MLC will equip K-8 instructional teams with the tools and techniques to unpack your math identities and become stronger leaders of math instruction.

Who Should Attend the Math Leader Collaborative

The Math Leader Collaborative is suitable for K-8 school-based math instructional leaders (such as principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, teacher leaders, etc.)

What to Expect in the Math Leader Collaborative

Participants will spend 20 hours of learning through virtual sessions. Throughout the MLC, school teams will:

  • Engage in critical conversations about the math identities of leaders, teachers, and students, resulting in shifts that improve mathematical outcomes for students.
  • Leverage classroom culture structures to enhance the state of GLEAM™ math instruction in their school.
  • Employ a coaching tool that supports teachers in delivering GLEAM-aligned math instruction.
  • Participate in learning walks to observe GLEAM math instruction in practice and utilize observation data to inform decisions about structural shifts.
Program Components
Virtual Learning Experience, Cross-Pollination, Asynchronous Learning

  The Math Leader Collaborative is:

  • a collaborative space for a school team to work on a problem of practice related to equitable instructional practice.
  • an interactive, four-month experience that includes virtual sessions, cross-pollination time with school teams across the cohort, and asynchronous learning.

   The Math Leader Collaborative is not: 

  • an individual learning experience.
  • a “sit and get” professional development space.
The UnboundEd Learning Walk Team posing together

Learning Walks

MLC schools can have an UnboundEd team conduct a Learning Walk, a three or four-day process that includes:

  • Professional learning focused on deepening GLEAM™ knowledge.
  • Data collection around your problem of practice by observing math classrooms using our Equitable Instruction Observation Tool.
  • A "Lesson Reconstruction Protocol" to understand GLEAM instructional and mindset shifts.
  • Action planning, grounded in the data from the learning walk.
  • A follow-up report sharing the data, trends, and recommendations from the visit.

Contact us to learn more about this opportunity to transform your math leadership and shape a future where all students thrive in mathematics.