Professional Learning

We offer professional development that focuses on anti-racist instructional teaching practices.

Our professional learning is grounded in the intersection of content, aligned curriculum, standards, and equity. We engage educators to examine their biases and reach toward instruction that is grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful. The change toward educational equity starts with us.


Immerse yourself in the transformative five-day in-person Standards Institute, where educators have courageous conversations about racism and its impact on education while examining bias and its role in instruction and learning.

Woman smiling while attending the Two-day Virtual Summit

UnboundEd offers our Summit pathways both virtually or onsite (in-person) at a state, district, school, or organization level, providing a unique opportunity for your group to learn and grow together.

GLEAM Inventory

The GLEAM™ Inventory is a multi-day experience that includes school visits for a personalized look at your district’s instruction in order to build your team’s understanding of what equitable instruction looks like and turn it into action.

Cohort Program Participants

Our cohort program trains leaders to become change agents for equity-focused instructional practices at every level of the school system. Our System Leaders Academy™ and Equity Influencer Residency™ work in tandem to build cohesive alignment and systemic capacity in a school system.


Be empowered to disrupt systemic racism and bias in math instruction through our Math Identity Leadership Accelerator™ (MILA). Designed for principals to implement structural improvements in order to create more culturally math responsive classrooms.

Someone looking at their computer screen with UnboundEd's online modules on it

License our online modules for your LMS or access them on our platform. This self-paced learning includes an accompanying resource guide for leaders to extend the learning.

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