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Our dynamic speakers are available to inspire your educators at in-person or virtual events.

Like our professional learning, our speaking engagements lie in the intersection of grade-level standards, content knowledge, aligned curriculum, and equitable instructional practices. 

We believe that we are responsible for using our collective voice to shift mindsets that propel us to dismantle inequities within the education system. It starts with us checking our beliefs and our actions and how they're amplified in our intentions. It continues with an intentional focus on equity instead of perpetuating the system of inequitable educational outcomes for our students. And we're here to talk about it.

Our keynotes are typically 30 minutes and we offer them as pre-recorded videos, live within a virtual platform, or live in-person. We also offer a Q&A session after the keynote.

We welcome the opportunity to inspire your educators.

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UnboundEd experts are available to speak at your events.

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Our Key Experts

Members of our staff have participated in a variety of speaking engagements, such as keynotes, panel discussions, IG Lives, and podcast episodes.

Rolanda Baldwin, Vice President, Mathematics
Rolanda Baldwin
Vice President, Mathematics
Andrea Hancock
Andrea Hancock
Deputy Chief, Program Design and Development
Deborah Peart - Specialist, Mathematics
Deborah Peart
Specialist, Mathematics
Lacey Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer
Lacey Robinson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Brandon White, English Language Arts Specialist
Brandon White
Specialist, English Language Arts
Alice Wiggins Vice President, Vice President, Instructional Design and Products, Early Literacy Content Lead
Alice Wiggins
Vice President, Instructional Design and Products, Early Literacy Content Lead

Inspiring Videos


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Our knowledge and expertise can reinforce your organization's equity-focused instructional work.