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Deepen your expertise in equitable instruction.

Whether you’re learning on your own, joining our year-long program, or needing an expert speaker, UnboundEd offers a variety of professional development opportunities. These virtual and in-person learning experiences are grounded in the intersection of standards, content, aligned curriculum, and equitable instructional practices that are essential for closing the opportunity gap caused by systemic bias and racism. 


Understand your biases and reach toward systemic change and anti-racist instructional practices by attending our live events, enrolling in long-term programs, or engaging with our online modules.

Our Summits provide an interactive learning experience focusing on the mindset and planning required for implementing grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful (GLEAM™) instruction. Pathways are offered both virtually or onsite (in-person) at a state, district, school, or organization level, providing a unique opportunity for your group to learn and grow together.

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Immerse yourself in the transformative five-day in-person Standards Institute, where educators have courageous conversations about racism and its impact on education while examining bias and its role in instruction and learning.

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Generate systemic change in your school systems that continually disrupts racism. UnboundEd’s long-term programs give you the tools and knowledge to embed changes in practice and policy system-wide.

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License our online modules on your LMS or access them on our platform. This self-paced learning includes an accompanying resource guide for leaders to extend the learning.

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UnboundEd President and CEO Lacey Robinson giving a keynote address

Invite one of our UnboundEd staff to present, facilitate, or speak at your events. Their knowledge and expertise can reinforce your organization’s equity-focused instructional work.

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