Accelerated Learning Frameworks for Educational Equity with Sonya Murray-Darden | The LP: EP 16

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Our food choices can impact our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. So, while challenging, being strategic about the food we ingest is important. Much like food, the ideas and practices we consume in education also shape our well-being and that of those we serve. In this episode, Dr. Sonya Murray-Darden and I discuss her book Serving Educational Equity: A Five-Course Framework for Accelerated Learning, as well as the practical and essential ways our education systems can serve a diet of, and hunger for, grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful instruction. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Accelerated learning focuses on providing students grade-level access and content, regardless of their current performance level, whereas remediation often isolates skills and does not connect to students' real-time learning needs.
  • Relationships are critical - "no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship." Building connections with students increases their motivation and engagement.
  • It's important to take a holistic approach and consider the academic and social/emotional needs of the whole child. External factors outside of school impact what happens inside the classroom.
  • Mentorship is invaluable for educators to get feedback, stay encouraged and focused, and make the adaptive changes needed to achieve educational equity over time.
  • The "Serving Educational Equity" book provides a practical, comprehensive framework centered around the analogy of a multi-course meal to help educators accelerate learning. It includes actionable strategies to strengthen relationships, instruction, seeing each student, planning, and using technology appropriately.
Serving Educational Equity A Five-Course Framework for Accelerated Learning
Sonya Murray-Darden
Dr. Sonya Murray-Darden
Co-Author of Serving Educational Equity: A Five-Course Framework for Accelerated Learning

About Dr. Sonya Murray-Darden

Dr. Sonya L. Murray-Darden is the CEO of Equity Matters, an organization dedicated to ensuring every child reaches their full academic and social potential through tailored, transformational, accelerated approaches to instruction, curriculum, and data strategy. She is also a Missouri Leadership Development Specialist at Education Plus. As an award-winning veteran educator and leadership coach with over twenty-five years of broad experience as an author, researcher, principal, staff developer, reading interventionist, and Teacher of the Year, she leverages her years of experience to help educators provide students with meaningful grade-level access. Dr. Murray has an earned doctorate in teaching and learning and advanced degrees in educational administration, elementary education, and reading. Her latest co-authored book, Serving Educational Equity: A Five-Course Framework for Accelerated Learning, offers a comprehensive, culturally affirming, whole-child approach to accelerating learning that connects theory and practice vividly, with passion and compassion.

About The LP: Literature in Practice

UnboundEd's goal is to instill the GLEAM™ (Grade-Level, Engaging, Affirming, and Meaningful) instructional framework into classrooms across the nation with professional development, curated programs, and now with a brand new podcast series, The LP: Literature in Practice. Host Brandon White interviews the authors of today’s thought-provoking educational literature and connects the text to GLEAM.

About Brandon White

Brandon White is a former middle school ELA teacher and Restorative Practices educator for the Rochester City School District. He has worked for seven years as a servant leader intern and site coordinator for Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools Summer Literacy Programs in Rochester. He has also advocated for these practices through his participation in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Teacher Advisory Council and through providing professional development at BMGF-sponsored Elevate and Celebrate Effective Teaching and Teachers (ECET2) Conferences.


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