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Justice Seekers:

Pursuing Equity in the Details of Teaching and Learning

by Lacey Robinson and the UE_logo_ForUseOnDarkPurple-hex282133 Community

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The GLEAM™ of it all

When we bring our whole selves to our work as educators, we provide opportunities for students to bring their whole selves as they develop academic identities in multiple languages. Lacey Robinson’s keynote address will share how vital it is to provide all students with grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful (GLEAM™) instruction in order to help scholars realize their infinite possibilities. We have the opportunity to use acceleration and scaffolding to support unfinished learning and unfinished teaching. We will do this as a collective educator community, learning and leading together in the service of all students.

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Lacey offers a 30‑45 minute keynote address with an up to 15 minute live question‑and‑answer period. Keynote addresses can be live and virtual, live and in‑person (when safe to do so), or pre‑recorded. 

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About Lacey

As President and Chief Executive Officer of UnboundEd, Lacey Robinson sets the organization’s vision for equity-driven national change as she carries the pride and tears of her enslaved ancestors and the native sons and daughters of this sacred land to this work. While continually monitoring the design, delivery, and quality of UnboundEd’s antiracist work, Robinson concurrently maintains the nonprofit’s health, sustainability and future-driven vision for what teaching and learning can be in the 21st century. 

Robinson engaged with industry partners to support standards-aligned, content-focused, equity-driven adult professional learning and development from the organization’s infancy as its Chief of Program and Engagement. She also supported vital design and execution elements for UnboundEd’s signature professional learning opportunity, the illustrious Standards Institute. Robinson’s contributions led to the rapid growth of the organization and positioned UnboundEd as industry leaders. Robinson spearheaded migrating this work into a virtual space during the pandemic to meet the needs of educators.

As a teacher, principal, and staff development specialist, Robinson maintained a focus on literacy, equity, and school leadership for more than two decades. Her life’s work aims to help educators in school systems disrupt systemic racism and all of its legacies in classrooms. Inspired by Langston Hughes, her path is to build temples for tomorrow, as strongly and bravely as she knows how, and to ensure that future generations can stand freely within themselves to be whomever they choose to be. As CEO, Robinson pursues this passion by leading an organization known for the highest integrity in professional development.

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Melissa and Lori Love Literacy - Episode 144: The Science of Reading as More Than a Pendulum Swing

Today’s guests, UnboundEd’s Lacey Robinson and The Right to Read Project’s Margaret Goldberg, both shifted from teaching using balanced literacy (specifically Lucy Calkins’ Workshop Model, also known as Units of Study) to structured literacy and became powerful literacy advocates in the process

Sold a Story E4: The Superstar

Episode 4 of Sold a Story features our CEO & President, Lacey Robinson. Teachers sing songs about Teachers College Columbia professor Lucy Calkins. She’s one of the most influential people in American elementary education today. Her admirers call her books bibles. Why didn't she know that scientific research contradicted reading strategies she promoted?

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A Call for Education Companies to ‘Step Up’ in the Wake of Bleak National Test Results

In the wake of new national test scores that show historic declines in math and reading achievement levels, education company leaders are renewing calls for the industry to rise to the challenge and help teachers accelerate student learning.

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High-quality professional development can help keep teachers in the field by allowing them to “imagine where they’re going” in their careers, says UnboundEd CEO Lacey Robinson.

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Building Math Momentum By High School- Tips for Reporting on Math-1-1

Debates about reading instruction tend to make headlines, but here’s why journalists shouldn’t overlook math.

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Several common educational strategies lean into the idea that, in the classroom, challenge is something to embrace.

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Melissa and Lori Love Literacy - Ep 97: Going GLEAM with Lacey Robinson and Andrea Hancock

In this episode, we chat with our friends at UnboundEd about Going GLEAM. Lacey Robinson and Andrea Hancock share the GLEAM process.

Science of Reading: The Podcast -S5-E1: The right to read: Lacey Robinson

In this episode, host Susan Lambert is joined by Lacey Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of UnboundEd.

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My Life, My Purpose: Reimagining Teaching

"Sometimes, you don’t have to search for your purpose because it has always been a part of your life story."

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Ep. 11- How Teaching with an Anti-racist Lens Can Improve Student Outcomes

In this episode, we talk with Lacey Robinson,  and her life’s work aims to eradicate a student provision gap still predictable by race. 

The Complexion of Teaching and Learning - Episode Three: Separate...But Unequal - Part 2

Episode Three continues exploring the oppression, resilience, and contributions of Black, Asian, and Native American educators during a period of American segregation and expansion, and features a conversation with Lacey Robinson, president and CEO of UnboundEd.

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The Undoing of Systemic Inequities in Instruction

Lacey Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer of UnboundEd, discusses how COVID-19 has exposed the unhinged, weathered, and tattered door to our school systems’ existing inequities.

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Lacey Robinson's knowledge and expertise will reinforce your organization's equity-focused instructional work.