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lesson 9
1 hour

Domain Review


Students will:
• Explain that America fought Great Britain for independence
• Explain that the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution
• Explain that Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from the French
• Explain that Great Britain became involved in a series of wars against France
• Explain that due to a shortage of sailors, Britain began to impress, or capture, American sailors
• Explain that some members of the U.S. government began to call for war
• Identify that the British controlled land in the northern Great Lakes region, the northwestern territories, and Canada
• Explain that James Madison was the president during the War of 1812
• Identify James Madison, a Founding Father, as the main author of the Constitution
• Identify Dolley Payne Todd as James Madison’s wife
• Identify James Madison as the fourth president of the United
• States
• Explain that in 1812 the United States had a small army and a small navy
• Explain that President Madison persuaded farmers to become soldiers
• Explain that the USS Constitution became known as “Old Ironsides” because British cannonballs could not damage it
• Explain how the President’s House was a house especially built for the president and his family; today it is called the White House
• Explain that in 1814 the British attacked the capital, Washington, D.C.
• Explain that Dolley Madison had to escape from the President’s House
• Explain that Dolley Madison saved important papers, letters, and a portrait of George Washington
• Explain that the British Army set fire to the President’s House
• Describe how the British attacked the city of Baltimore and Fort McHenry
• Explain that the U.S. commander of Fort McHenry asked for a large flag to be made to fly over Fort McHenry
• Explain that the British failed to capture Baltimore and Fort McHenry
• Explain how Francis Scott Key watched the battle of Fort McHenry and wrote a poem that later became the national anthem
• Demonstrate familiarity with the song, “The Star-Spangled Banner”
• Explain that General Andrew Jackson’s army was made up of militiamen, soldiers, farmers, Native Americans, African Americans, and pirates
• Explain that the Battle of New Orleans actually took place two weeks after the War of 1812 was over
• Describe how the War of 1812 was considered a second war for independence

The Read-Aloud Anthology contains background information and resources that the teacher will need to implement the Domain, including an alignment chart for the domain to the Common Core State Standards; an introduction to the domain including necessary background information used in teaching, a list of domain components, a core vocabulary list for the domain, and planning aids and resources.

The Flip Book contains three sections:
1. The Tell It Again! Flip Book, which contains images that accompany the Read-Aloud Anthology, presented in sequential order;

2. The Tell It Again! Posters, which may be cut out and displayed on the classroom wall for the duration of the domain; and

3. The Tell It Again! Multiple Meaning Word Posters, which likewise may be cut out and displayed on the classroom wall for the duration of the domain.

The Image Cards contain of a set of 12 images on cards, used for extension activities in Listening & Learning strand lessons.

This Supplemental Guide is designed as a companion to the Read-Aloud Anthology for the domain. The Supplemental Guide is intended to be used by general education teachers, reading specialists, English as a Second Language (ESL), and special education teachers, as well as teachers seeking an additional resource for classroom activities.


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