“We need to have new ways to think about how to teach research to students.” – Judson Odell

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In this episode, UnboundEd’s David Abel and Amy Rudat sit down with Judson Odell, CEO of Odell Education, and Diana Leddy, co-founder of the Vermont Writing Collaborative to discuss the impact of writing, research and argumentation on the development of students as critical thinkers.

While listening to this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why the standards are a shift towards “appropriate expectations” for what literacy means in a modern society that has access to information that is immediately accessible.
  • How old models of research fail to support students in a world of search engines that requires them to assess information and know what questions to ask
  • Teaching early elementary students how to access knowledge and how to make sense of it and communicate it
  • Odell’s “productive curiosity” and how to develop systems to support a comprehension across texts to help students synthesize information
  • Leddy’s explanation of the three research experiences students go through and the supports needed to make them successful
  • How to intentionally build on background knowledge and build a culture where students can share and process information collectively

Diana Leddy has more than 30 years experience in the classroom and now works to support ELA instructors around the country to develop standards-aligned curriculum. Judson Odell is a former teacher and CEO and founder of Odell Education, an organization that develops nationally validated and acclaimed literacy curriculum.

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A Big Idea from the Episode

“How can we teach research differently and shift to deepening our students’ understanding through inquiry?”


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