The Mathematics Guides Explained

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We often hear educators ask, “What does standards-aligned mathematics instruction look like?” The UnboundEd Mathematics Guides answer this question by providing an in-depth look at one or a few clusters of math standards at a time. Each grade-level guide, from Kindergarten to Algebra II, explains what new, high standards for mathematics say students should learn in each grade. The Mathematics Guides are designed for teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders.

Part 1 explains the skills and knowledge described by the group of standards covered by the guide. This section illustrates the standards using multiple student tasks from freely available Open Educational Resources (OER). Educators can download or adapt these tasks for their students.

Part 2 explains how the group of standards is connected to other standards in the same grade. Highlighting these connections helps educators understand the implications for planning and teaching, as well as how this within-grade coherence increases access for students. Part 2 also includes multiple student tasks.

Ratios: Unbound: A Guide to Grade 6 Mathematics Standards

Part 3 traces selected progressions of learning leading to grade-level content. Part 3 also provides concrete, practical suggestions for leveraging the progressions to teach students who may not be prepared for grade-level mathematics. This part also traces the progression to content in higher grades so teachers can see how students will apply this year’s lessons in the future.

Linear Equations: Unbound: A Guide to High School Algebra I Standards


Ready to give it a try? Search through our library of Mathematics Content Guides, from Kindergarten to Algebra II.

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