The Bird Unit: Topic-Based Learning Experiences for Early Elementary Students

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Susan Bahlatzi, director of Noah’s Ark Preschool, and Julie Litwin, assistant director of Noah’s Ark Preschool, explain elements of their topic-based learning unit on birds. Their activities address multiple standards while engaging students in their classwork and the world around them.

In the video, they explain:

  • How to use topic-based literacy experiences to build knowledge and vocabulary
  • How to explain shades of meaning, and help students interpret words and phrases in a text and more easily recall them
  • How to introduce fiction and nonfiction to build knowledge
  • Ways to incorporate the unit’s theme throughout the classroom to build excitement around the topic
  • How to create sensory-rich experiences to integrate science concepts

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Ask Yourself

“How can I create an authentic learning experience where my students build knowledge and take away concepts that apply to other subject areas?”

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