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Culturally Relevant Teaching in Mathematics

Instead of a uniform approach to CRT, we need to consider the students in front of us carefully. We can all bring culturally relevant and responsive mathematics to life in our classrooms through deep reflection and consideration.

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UnboundEd Math Team’s Hopes for the School Year

The 2020-21 school year brings with it unprecedented levels of disruption and challenge and we salute the millions of educators nationwide that show up every day to do right by their students. We’d like to continue sharing a few of our hopes for the upcoming school year, along with resources you can take away to apply to your practice. This …

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Three Tips for Remote Mathematics Instruction

Last week, we posted three tenets to guide as you navigate remote ELA instruction. Whether you are a teacher or parent, building and maintaining your students’ understanding of mathematics can also be challenging. To that end, we’d like to share three ideas for navigating remote mathematics instruction.  Here are the tenets:  Talk about math with your students  Finding mathematics in …

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Building Legacies One Student at a Time

Rolanda Baldwin knows math. As a young girl and daughter of North Carolina Agriculture and Technology State University (NC A&T) graduates, she also knew she would attend college. The question was where. “We would go to football games at A&T and I would see my parents’ friends who were also college graduates. I would go to work with my parents …

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