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Three Definitions of Equity

We recently sat down with Marc Etienne, Jose Guadarrama, and Norka Padilla to find out how they define equity and what it means in their system and classroom. Marc Etienne – Executive Director for Principal Support and Accountability for Baltimore City Public Schools As the executive director for principal support and accountability for Baltimore City Public Schools, I spend a …

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3 Influencers to Follow

If we want our students to receive a quality, equitable education, it is important for us to feed our own minds, continue to improve our practice, and to evaluate ourselves and our actions every step of the way. Here are three influencers you should follow on Twitter. Dr. Camika Royal As the assistant professor and co-director of the Center for …

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3 Tools for Engaged School Leaders

Leadership requires us to steadily build and reassess our character as well as the skills we need to inspire and collaborate with others. As leaders, we must adapt our mindset and tools to fit the diverse environments we work in and all the individuals we serve. Your growth as a leader has an impact on student learning and can help …

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An Interview with Dr. Thelma Jackson

Recently, we sat down with Dr. Thelma Jackson, principal of Seminole Elementary School in Okeechobee, FL, to talk about her experience at the Standards Institute. Dr. Jackson shared what she learned alongside her team and how her practice has changed as a result. UnboundEd: Tell me about your experience at Standards Institute. Dr. Thelma Jackson: Standards Institute was hope. It …

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