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Navigating Discretionary Spaces

In our Cohort Program, one area of focus for our Equity Influencer Residency and Systems Leader Academy is “discretionary spaces,” a concept developed by researcher Dr. Deborah Ball.

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Leadership Transition at UnboundEd

UnboundEd’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the unanimous appointment of Lacey Robinson as its chief executive officer. Robinson’s contributions at the senior leadership level have helped UnboundEd expand its programming for educators to grow their equitable and rigorous instructional practices. “UnboundEd is making an indelible mark in the education space. I am honored to lead us forward as …

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What we Learned (& Heard) at SXSW EDU ‘19

“What will it take to dismantle an inherently racist system that holds our students back?” is a question we ask ourselves often at UnboundEd and this week, we had the opportunity to sit down with other educators at SXSW EDU who are also asking this same question. Our panel conversation, “From Equity to Anti-Racism in Education,” was a significant exploration …

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