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Interview with Diana Leddy and Judson Odell

In this episode, UnboundEd sits down with Judson Odell, CEO of Odell Education, and Diana Leddy, co-founder of the Vermont Writing Collaborative. They discuss how can we teach research differently and shift to deepening our students’ understanding through inquiry. Specifically, the group examines the impact of writing, research, and argumentation on students’ development as critical thinkers. Diana Leddy has more …

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Bear Bag: Tactics for Early Elementary Engagement

Preschool teacher Julie Litwin uses props and engaging questions to make complex science comprehensible to preschool students. In this video, Litwin, an experienced preschool teacher and the assistant director of Noah’s Ark Preschool in Albany, New York, demonstrates an introduction to polar bears. Her multi-prop lesson includes using straws and black paper to explain how a polar bear absorbs heat …

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3 Ways to Ignite Your Students’ Love for Literacy

By Jose Guadarrama, Content Leader, FirstLine Schools As students return to classrooms this fall, no doubt, they will be in different places in terms of reading. While some can be enthusiastic, others will easily be distressed after the lack of engaged learning over the summer. Working as a K-4 teacher for 12 years, I know how summer enrichment programs are …

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