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The Bias Toolkit Explained

If race, bias and prejudice in our country weren’t apparent before, now more than ever, educators must take action to make sure our classrooms are safe, accepting places for all of our students. UnboundEd’s Bias Toolkit helps educators plan and facilitate conversations about race and bias. We see hate boiling to the surface of our everyday lives in blatant, unapologetic …

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Three Definitions of Equity

We recently sat down with Marc Etienne, Jose Guadarrama, and Norka Padilla to find out how they define equity and what it means in their system and classroom. Marc Etienne – Executive Director for Principal Support and Accountability for Baltimore City Public Schools As the executive director for principal support and accountability for Baltimore City Public Schools, I spend a …

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Final Thoughts from Standards Institute

Throughout last week, educators attending the Winter 2018 Standards Institute took a deep dive into the standards and were charged to confront themselves and the biases that show up not only in their instruction but the education system they support. As the conference came to a close, here are just some of the epiphanies they left with:         …

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Deepening our Understanding of Bias: 3 Books to Read Now

It is time to talk about bias. As educators, we have the responsibility to create safe spaces in our schools. At UnboundEd, we believe that it is impossible to create that safe space without discussing bias and racism—and their impact on academic opportunities for students of color. In our Bias Toolkit, we dive into best practices school leaders can use …

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Educating Mitchell: A Tale of Undoing Bias and a Charge for Change

How often do you think about your privilege and how it may come across in the classroom? Implicit bias is prevalent in our schools, and most times, Black and Latino students bear the brunt of the bias that lives in all of us. In this keynote address from our Summer 2017 Standards Institute, Kristen Ehlman and Lacey Robinson discuss how …

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