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5 Things We’re Reading Now

In an educational landscape in constant flux, it’s important to every so often take a step back and examine where we are. From the larger statistical studies that aggregate data, to the subtler recallings of former students, seeing a combination of the big picture and the reflective moments of individuals can sometimes give us a stronger sense of the state …

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Interview with Mariama Sesay-St. Paul

In this episode, Sierah Tyson, the Education Nomad, sits down with Mariama Sesay-St. Paul to talk about literacy education that helps students meet high expectations. Mariama Sesay-St. Paul is a vice principal of curriculum and instruction at Science Park High School in the Newark Public School District. She began her career as an educator in 2000 as a Teach For …

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Preparing Your Students for Complex Texts

You’ve heard it time and time again; all students, regardless of their reading level when they arrive in the grade they find themselves in, deserve to be given access to grade-level texts. The consequences of not doing so are simply too high to ignore.

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Decoding Equitable Phonics Instruction

Tim Shanahan recently posted a blog entry in which he answered a teacher’s question, regarding his “own thinking as well as research referencing the occasional use of decodable texts for small group reading instruction in grades K-2.” Shanahan commented on the research regarding the decodable text part of the request but missed an opportunity to link the text type with …

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3 Things Our ELA Team is Reading Right Now

With the new school year just around the corner (and for some, already beginning), ELA teachers across the country are preparing to usher the next generation further down the path of literacy. To that end, we asked our ELA team to share articles or books that have helped them improve their practice.  Ending the Reading Wars: Reading Acquisition From Novice …

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The Profound Effects of Language in Both ELA and Math

How do we get students to engage authentically—to genuinely desire to communicate their ideas—in both ELA and math? This is a central question in Dr. Timothy Shanahan’s and Dr. Jeff Zwiers’ keynotes at the summer Standards Institute. United by a desire to improve student outcomes across the country, Shanahan and Zwiers implored participants to examine the role that language, specifically …

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