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Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

K-12 education has been awash in inequity for centuries. At UnboundEd, we’ve been paying attention not only to the disparate educational outcomes across different racial groups, but to the systemic, differential levels of provision that are pervasive in this country. Black and Latinx students are less likely to have experienced teachers and less likely to be offered engaging instruction that’s …

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An Argument Between Racist and Anti-Racist Ideas

Your journey as an educator may seem like your destiny, but what if it is deeply influenced by intentionally racist policies and ideas enacted before our founding fathers’ first proclamation? In this hour-long exploration, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi travels through the history of the United States, delineating its racist policies and practices while juxtaposing them with the current, inequitable practices …

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Leadership Transition at UnboundEd

UnboundEd’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the unanimous appointment of Lacey Robinson as its chief executive officer. Robinson’s contributions at the senior leadership level have helped UnboundEd expand its programming for educators to grow their equitable and rigorous instructional practices. “UnboundEd is making an indelible mark in the education space. I am honored to lead us forward as …

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Building Legacies One Student at a Time

Rolanda Baldwin knows math. As a young girl and daughter of North Carolina Agriculture and Technology State University (NC A&T) graduates, she also knew she would attend college. The question was where. “We would go to football games at A&T and I would see my parents’ friends who were also college graduates. I would go to work with my parents …

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What we Learned (& Heard) at SXSW EDU ‘19

“What will it take to dismantle an inherently racist system that holds our students back?” is a question we ask ourselves often at UnboundEd and this week, we had the opportunity to sit down with other educators at SXSW EDU who are also asking this same question. Our panel conversation, “From Equity to Anti-Racism in Education,” was a significant exploration …

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Reflecting on the 5 Charges

This past year, we’ve asked thousands of educators from across the country to stand with us at the intersection of equity and standards work. We asked them to look for the justice we all seek in the details of teaching and learning. Each time we gather at the Standards Institute, we start the week by examining the growing body of …

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