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UnboundEd Virtual Summit Recap

UnboundEd will not sit idly by during this global pandemic, especially when our core message rings true now more than ever. The first UnboundEd Virtual Summit launched to equip teachers, coaches, school administrators, and system leaders to be ready to learn and lead this Fall. For two days, more than 1,000 educators from 30 states grounded themselves in the UnboundEd …

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UnboundEd Concept Paper: Equitable ELA Instruction

Grade-level reading and thinking enhances grade-level learning Our journey as educators begins with us. We endeavor to learn our content and context so we can teach our students about the world around them while encouraging them to see themselves as leaders in it. As the pandemic continues, we are reminded of how challenging that can be, particularly in the context …

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Three Tips for Remote Mathematics Instruction

Last week, we posted three tenets to guide as you navigate remote ELA instruction. Whether you are a teacher or parent, building and maintaining your students’ understanding of mathematics can also be challenging. To that end, we’d like to share three ideas for navigating remote mathematics instruction.  Here are the tenets:  Talk about math with your students  Finding mathematics in …

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Three Tips for Remote ELA Instruction

As we have noted, Covid-19 has exposed and exacerbated inequities in schooling; this moment calls on us to lean into the fundamentals of equitable instruction. In thinking specifically about teaching English/Language Arts, we’ve developed three tenets to guide you as you navigate remote instruction. They don’t require online access, but they do require books. A number of organizations focus on …

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Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

K-12 education has been awash in inequity for centuries. At UnboundEd, we’ve been paying attention not only to the disparate educational outcomes across different racial groups, but to the systemic, differential levels of provision that are pervasive in this country. Black and Latinx students are less likely to have experienced teachers and less likely to be offered engaging instruction that’s …

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An Argument Between Racist and Anti-Racist Ideas

Your journey as an educator may seem like your destiny, but what if it is deeply influenced by intentionally racist policies and ideas enacted before our founding fathers’ first proclamation? In this hour-long exploration, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi travels through the history of the United States, delineating its racist policies and practices while juxtaposing them with the current, inequitable practices …

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