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Winter 2021 Virtual Summit Recap

Now more than ever, we are stretching our mindsets and heart sets wide enough to think about redesigning our systems policies and practices to amplify the “cultural currencies” that are meant to enrich our students’ education.

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Dear America: Part 3

Believe it or not, this is my love letter to you. Love is a funny thing; it makes things easy and hard at the same time. It’s easy to accept love’s validation and care while hard sometimes to accept its pain and distress.

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Dear America: Part 2

With each generation after the Gettysburg Address, we as a nation have attempted to move closer and closer to our “all men are created equal” ideal; our doctrines boldly name it while simultaneously struggle to live up to it. ”Conceived in liberty” at the beginning of the line clings to me.

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Dear America: Part 1

I love you, plain and simple. You have inspired me and made me cry out with despair. This duality of my love for you, America, mirrors the love I have for my father who was ravaged by addiction.

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