Democracy, Equity, and Mathematics Education with Doug Sovde

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Kristen Ehlman interviews Doug Sovde about the role of mathematics knowledge in who acquires power in a democracy, and how it is incumbent upon us to widen the net of opportunity.

While listening to this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What trends Doug sees as leaders implement standards
  • Why it is important for leaders to become co-learners with teachers and other leaders around the standards
  • How principals and administrators should be thinking about the way content standards and practice standards work together
  • How we can organize instruction so that we can help students who are struggling with grade-level content
  • How leaders can create the conditions and structures that support an implementation of an effective instructional year
  • What those of us who don’t have math content expertise beyond a certain level can do to support high-level support in the classroom while we are still leveling-up ourselves
  • What characteristics leaders should look for in a professional development program outside of school

Doug Sovde is the Executive Director of Strategic Mathematics Initiatives at UnboundEd. Previously, Doug has worked in supporting multi-state consortia and school districts in developing mathematical content and instructional supports in education. Doug was also a member of the writing team of the Common Core State Standards in mathematics, having principal responsibility for creating Appendix A to the mathematics standards.

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Something to Reflect on from the Episode

“Higher means deeper; understanding content more completely, more comprehensively, before we move on to the next thing.”



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