Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

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As a team of current and former classroom teachers, curriculum writers, school leaders and educators who have worked in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, we at UnboundEd know from the experience the hard work teachers face every day as they strive to help all of their students meet the challenges set by higher standards. That’s why Teacher Appreciation Week is a special time for us to uplift individuals who have made the commitment to provide each of their students exactly what they need.

We asked several of our staff members to share how one teacher impacted their life for the better and here’s what they said:

Tell us about a teacher who changed your life for the better.


Rolanda Baldwin, Mathematics Specialist

My fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Houston had a big impact on me. I was a student that got good grades without much effort and was well behaved. These are things that keep you under the radar. Mrs. Houston was the first teacher to challenge me and say that what I was doing wasn’t good enough and that I hadn’t tapped into my full potential. It was jarring to be called out, but she inspired me to push myself and to always strive for excellence.


Sonia Cintron, Mathematics Specialist

Mrs. Roegtter from Roosey Roads made a great impact on my life. She took interest in me as a person and helped me throughout the school year in making good choices.

Alish Erman, Digital Media Manager

A teacher who changed my life for the better is Beth S. Chen, my piano teacher in high school. She was very strict and had no sympathy for me coming into a lesson having not practiced extensively the preceding week. I eventually hit a crossroads where I had to decide if I was going to quit or go all in and chose the latter, and I’m grateful for it. From that experience, I learned how much practice, and how many years, it takes to be great at something, and that has impacted pretty much every facet of my life since.


Margo Reynolds, Director of Marketing and Communications

I’ll never forget the first day of Kindergarten. I can remember almost the entire day with vivid clarity and it was mostly because of Mrs. Salisbury. That year, she shared her love of language, words, stories, and numbers. We walked out at the end of the year as readers, writers, thinkers, mathematicians, artists, collaborators, scientists and historians.


Share how one teacher impacted your own practice.


Danielle Peyton, Manager of Operations

Mrs. Parsons, taught me to give my students to the space to take ownership for their learning, and gave us space and agency and to learn and mature. I liked managing my classroom like hers, where students were moving around, working together, and expanding their interests.


Jonathan Bolding, Program Manager of Engagement

Educator and Belmont University Professor of Education, Dr. Cynthia Watkins, shaped my ability to manage student behavior. She would often say, “All behavior communicates” and “keep trying interventions until you find the one that works for your students.” These phrases along with her thoughtful anecdotes encouraged me to be the champion my students desperately needed.

Continue the celebration with us! Tell us how one of your childhood teachers has impacted your practice today and we’ll share it on Twitter this week!