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Justice is found in the details of teaching and learning.®

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July 17-21, 2023

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Justice Seekers:

Pursuing Equity in the Details of Teaching and Learning

by Lacey Robinson and the UE_logo_ForUseOnDarkPurple-hex282133 Community

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Lacey Robinson
Lacey Robinson
President and Chief Executive Officer

UnboundEd designs learning for educators that exemplifies equitable instruction so that students experience grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful instruction.

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Science Is For Everyone, Everywhere, All At Once!
UnboundEd Blog

Science Is For Everyone, Everywhere, All At Once!

Science is everywhere, from artificial intelligence, to the changing climate, to rocket launches, to understanding brain development in babies. We have shared what GLEAM science instruction can look like, the value of using phenomena to introduce science, as well as how science has been an overlooked subject. Now, we’re excited to share some articles and resources that inspire us.

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Promoting Self-Care and Resistance in Education with Rita Kohli | The LP: EP 8
UnboundEd Podcast

Promoting Self-Care and Resistance in Education with Rita Kohli | The LP: EP 8

The term "teachers of color" refers to educators who do not identify as white, encompassing diverse racial and ethnic groups. Despite their unique backgrounds, teachers of color share the experience of underrepresentation. With only 20% of teachers being teachers of color, they face challenges like invisibility and pressure to conform to racist education norms.

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Thought Leadership > Concept papers > Equitable Math Instruction
Concept Papers

Equitable Mathematics Instruction

Our paper, “Equitable Mathematics Instruction: Enacting Instruction That Is Grade-level, Engaging, Affirming, and Meaningful,” lays out three foundational moves for school systems to take in service of math instruction that is grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful.

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We are a team of former classroom teachers, school leaders, curriculum writers, and education experts dedicated to empowering educators to meet the challenges set by higher standards, unfinished instruction, and institutional racism.

UnboundEd offers a variety of virtual and in-person professional learning experiences grounded in our unique approach designed to support all levels within an education system.

Find an experience that fits your organization’s needs.

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Learning Experiences

Our professional learning focuses on the intersection of content, curriculum, standards, and equity. Our learning experiences challenge participants to understand their biases and reach toward anti-racist instructional practices.

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Long-Term Programs

Sustained and scaled change is possible through the aligned actions of educators throughout an organization. Our programs build a system’s capacity by training leaders who become change agents for supporting effective, equity-focused instructional practices.

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Self-paced Learning

Empower yourself through UnboundEd’s array of online modules, readily available at your fingertips. License this self-paced learning on your organization’s approved Learning Management System (LMS) or access it via our platform.

Lacey Robinson at Standards Institute giving a keynote address

Expert Speakers

Our staff is available to speak at your next virtual or in-person event. Our messages focus on the importance of grade-level, engaging, affirming, and meaningful instruction.

The change toward educational equity starts with you.

UnboundEd is dedicated to empowering teachers, instructional coaches, and leaders to meet the challenges set by higher standards, unfinished instruction, and institutional racism by providing resources and equity-based professional development grounded in instruction. Additionally, our learning experiences support state agencies, educational service providers, and post-secondary and teacher prep programs.

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Download, adapt, share.

Browse our free professional learning resources of the EngageNY curriculum, guides that focus on the application of the standards in the classroom, and toolkits centered on equitable instruction.